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Monday 30th October 2017

Kiss Me, Kate Cast Announced

Excellent auditions tonight - thanks to everyone who put themselves forward.

The "Kiss Me, Kate" Production Page

From what we all saw it will be a fantastic show and even if you did not get the part you went for, every member of the cast is important and you will each play a part in making the show a success.

Cast list is as follows:

Lilli/Kate - Jess Turton
Fred/Petruchio - James Shields
Lois/Bianca - Ashleigh Hartin
Bill/Lucentio - Sam Wicks
Hattie - Victoria Muir
Gangsters - Bob Bailey, Simon Yaxley
Paul - Paul Atkinson
Harry Trevor/Baptista - John Savage
Ralph - Alexander Taylor
Wardrobe Lady - Anna Webster
Suitors - Owen Holland, Duncan Ryan
Harrison Howell - Robbie Love