Committee Members

David Brierley

President / Trustee

David's association with LADOS began over 50 years ago when his late wife, Peggy, joined LADOS to play the part of Fiona in their production of 'Brigadoon'. Although he has never actually trodden the boards with LADOS, he is no stranger to performing, having met Peggy whilst performing in plays.

David performed in numerous summer seasons on the Central Pier, and Christmas Pantos at the Winter Gardens during the 1970's.

When Peggy took over the reins as LADOS Producer in 1986, David supported her throughout the next 21 years as her advisor, mini set builder, sounding board, chauffeur and shoulder to cry on. Throughout those years David was Front of House Manager for all LADOS shows, running a tight ship, and he became our President from 2004 to 2006. He has reprised his Presidential role in 2017 for another 3 year stint.

He agreed to take on the role of Trustee, as he feels passionate about LADOS continuing successfully for at least another 125 years and he is now around to support daughter Suzanne, and pass on Peggy's experience and knowledge to her.

Sylvia Rogerson

Chairman / Trustee

Sylvia has been with the Society since 1968 when she was a mere slip of a girl. She has been involved with many aspects of the amateur theatre both on stage and off. For several years she ran the Society's publicity campaigns, drawing on her experience as the former Ceremonies Officer at Lancaster University. Sylvia has played many roles for LADOS, but perhaps her most challenging role to date, was that of a nun in 'The Sound of Music' in 1970, whilst pregnant with son Robert, who is also now a member of LADOS! Sylvia is also a member of Lancaster City Council, and spends several weeks each year at her 'retreat' in Spain to recharge her batteries.

Sylvia received her 40 year NODA bar after our 2009 production of 'Carousel'.

Audrey Tarney

Secretary / Trustee

It seems as though LADOS has been a part of Audrey's life forever; back in September 1970 Audrey was encouraged to join LADOS by her friend Pat Connor (now a NODA rep). Her first show was "The King & I" and since then she has been involved in some way or other in every show. If asked to name her favourites of the ones she was in it would be difficult although "Fiddler on the Roof", "No No Nanette", "Chess" and "The Pirates of Penzance" would be up there.

Audrey joined the Committee in the early 80's and was Membership Secretary for many years prior to taking over as Secretary/Trustee in 2004 - following in the footsteps of Chris (Pom) Riley and Margaret Hartley. Her last appearance on a LADOS stage was in September 2013 for a fleeting appearance in "Grease".

In addition to LADOS, Audrey is a member of local group, The Gadabouts, who perform concerts in the local area. Having retired from working for the NHS a few years ago, she tries to do a few hours a week on the Bank. Now a Nana with two young granddaughters life is never dull.

Hazel Beckett

Vice Chairman

Hazel joined LADOS for the 1978 production of "The Merry Widow" having been talked into becoming part of the props. team. Twenty five years later, she decided that always wearing black and dashing on and off stage almost as much as the cast, was no longer for her, so she retired to the prompt corner to make sure that the cast kept to the script - well, in theory anyway! However, during rehearsals for Fiddler on the Roof in 2007, her job was made all the more difficult, when it was discovered that some of the cast had been given a different version of the script to the one she had been given to work from!

Hazel has served on the general committee, on and off since 1984, and was recently re-elected as Vice Chairman. In addition to this, and following retirement from her day job, Hazel still manages to source props for the various shows.

Hazel was awarded her 35 year NODA bar in 2013.

Dawn Naylor


Dawn first helped backstage when she was in her teens, but then took a break whilst she went to University in Ripon. She moved back to Lancaster in 2004, and came back to LADOS in 2005/2006 and joined her dad, Cliff Beckett, as part of the props team for Hot Mikado.

Dawn took over her own accountancy business in January 2011, and is a busy working mum with two young children to look after, but she somehow found time to join the LADOS general committee after being elected at the AGM in 2011. Her biggest challenge so far on the props team has been negotiating the handcart and bed, backstage, during Fiddler on the Roof, and as anyone who has ever been backstage during a performance knows, there isn't much room around there when there are large props to be moved and stored!

Dawn took on the daunting task of Treasurer from Frank Dewhurst in the autumn of 2012, little realising she would have a baptism of fire, with not one, but two shows to deal with in 2013, with The Producers in May and Grease in September.

James Shields

Membership Secretary / Committee Member

James joined LADOS back in 2012 for his first amateur show, The Producers, playing nervous accountant Leo Bloom and winning him the NODA that year for his category. He stayed on donning a T-Bird jacket for Grease before moving to London to train at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

On graduating James returned to Lancaster and to LADOS for West Side Story, and performed in various other shows in the area including American Idiot and 9 to 5.

He hopes to undertake his MA in Musical Theatre in the future, but before that there is no better way to spend his time but where he started, with LADOS. He can't wait for this years show and to be working on the Committee.

Cliff Beckett

Committee Member

Cliff has been a member of LADOS since 1988 when he joined for the 1989 production of 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers'... which was quite appropriate, as he married wife, Hazel the week after the show finished! One of Cliff's hobbies is photography, which comes in handy, as he takes all the publicity and programme photographs for the society. He is part of the props team, together with daughter, Dawn... just to keep it in the family!

In 1992, Cliff was the dog handler during the production of 'Oliver', looking after Clementine who played the part of Bullseye, a role which involved him rolling a dog biscuit on stage at the crucial point each night, to ensure that 'Clemmie' didn't miss her cue! They say everyone has their 15 minutes of fame, and Cliff got his (well, 20 minutes actually!) each night during the run of 'Guys and Dolls' in 1998, when Peggy Brierley persuaded him to play the part of the newspaper vendor, omitting to tell him he would be onstage for the opening chorus, plus the whole of Scene 1!

Cliff was awarded his 25 year NODA medal in 2013.

Amanda (Mandie) Doherty

Committee Member

Mandie has been involved with many society's over the years and first joined LADOS in 2014 for "Oliver". Mandie has continued to enjoy being part of LADOS and became involved with the publicity committee for "Hairspray", work that she continues with today.

Mandie says she is "very delighted to be part of the committee and will continue to work hard."

Mandie was awarded her 10 year NODA medal in 2012.